BSHA3 is a SHA3d Community Supported Proof of Work Crypto Coin

The BSHA3 project was apparently revealed last year, however it seems that the original developer of the coin has abandoned his work and a bit earlier this year it has been revived as a community supported project. BSHA3 is apparently the first crypto coin to use the SHA3d algorithm (like SHA3-256, but two iterations each time – in the spirit of Bitcoin’s SHA-256d). Other than the different algorithm the coin follows Bitcoin’s math with 50 BSHA3 coins per block, 10 minute block time and 21 million coins to be ever mined in total. The original chain relied on 2016 block difficulty adjustment as well, though that apparently caused it to get stuck at a point, so the new community fork at block 20418 with the new LWMA 3 difficulty algorithm was made available to fix the problem and restore the network.

There are already a number of mining pools available as well as few small exchanges that have listed the coin, though it seems that currently the mining is being dominated by a single Asian mining pool. There is a miner forked from ccminer for Nvidia GPUs available for the SHA3d algorithm available. Also the algorithm is already available for mining on FPGA devices as well, the HashAltcoin Blackminer F1 series do have support for SHA3d, though that does not bring that much advantage over a high-end GPU mining rig in terms of performance compared to ASICs for example.

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