Payment Options

Legally binding buyer protection offered for every purchase!

We cannot accept credit cards and will no longer pursue the option in the future due to the extreme fraud and charge-back abuse. Our connections in the industry speaks for itself and we are able to bring the equipment to you for the lowest profit margins in the industry. We have burned through 5 merchant accounts with this firm, all with disastrous results. This is all a huge example of why we need to break free from the current monetary system. We will continue to provide this service no matter what the challenges may be.

That being said: All payment methods are secured by legally binding contracts and signed digitally via Docusign or Adobe Sign and will guarantee you receive your order or your money back! This is more than any other broker or manufacturer will do to assure you are perfectly confident with any order you place from Sample Miner Purchase Contract
Hash Deploy Inc is an approved vendor for AMEX business loans. Email for details if needed.

All terms and policies can be reviewed on our About Us page

Payments We Accept:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Cryptocurrencies.
Coinbase Commerce
Bank Wire Transfers
Money Orders
Mailed Checks

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