Payment Options

Legal Buyer Protection Documents Included With Every Sale! 

Due to charge-back abuse, fraudulent buyers and merchant processors refusing to allow sales of currency miners, we no longer accept credit cards at this time! We have had accounts with paypal, ebay, amazon, square and others and ALL have shut down our accounts for the sales of currency miners, not to mention that all of these companies charge ridiculous fees. It is our priority to offer credit card purchases, however, the constant problems since day one have forced us to utilize the current options listed below. 

All Payment Methods Are Secured By Legally Binding Contracts And Signed Digitally Via Docusign or Adobe Sign And Will Guarantee You Receive Your Order Or Your Money Back! This Is More Than Any Other Company or Manufacturer Will Do To Assure You Are Perfectly Confident With Any Order You Place From Sample Miner Purchase Contract

Payments We Accept:

Veem Global Bank Transfer

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Commerce

Bank Transfers
Money Orders
Mailed Checks 

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